With many years of experience in the mining industry allMIX is able to offer mixers that perform.

While being cognisant of power usage the loss of recovery from under designed mixers will always represent an unwelcome cost to production.

The supply of robust and long lasting mixers is the approach of allMIX to counter the costs of downtime and remoteness of many of the mining sites around this world.
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From small reagent mixers of a few hundred litres to thousands of m3 of Carbon-In-Pulp mixing we are able to design and supply mixers best suited to your production and budgetary requirements.

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Typical examples of allMIX technology applies to:961-300x800-tanks_mining

  • Leaching
  • Solids suspension
  • Gas dispersion
  • Conditioning
  • Flotation
  • Lime slurry make up

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